Our Timeline

We’re proud of our history, take a look at our journey…

Company founder David Grant establishes his own security installation company in north west, England

Drawing on his experience, David begins developing a range of specialist test equipment for the security, fire and CCTV industries

Checkmate is launched. It was the world’s first meter of its kind, a patented radio linked test meter used for finding ‘faults’ and ‘potential’ faults in circuits.

ACT Meters Ltd established. Standing for ‘Alarm, Circuit, Test’, the product range is developed further to include battery testers and alarm troubleshooting solutions.

The ACT RED-IBT 12V Intelligent Battery Tester is launched at IFSEC Birmingham, England, a leading annual global security event. Received to high acclaim, this revolutionary product simulated a full 20-hour battery discharge test in just 6 seconds.

SIA (Security Industry Association) New York awards the ACT RED-IBT with technical achievement for false alarm reduction.

BSIA (British Security Industry Association) awards ACT RED-IBT with product technical achievement.

ADI Global, a wholesale supplier of security and low voltage products, agrees to stock and distribute ACT products across North America.

TYCO (ADT), a world leader in electronic security and fire protection, agrees to purchase ACT products on regular consignment.

The ACT RED-IBT’s battery testing range was increased and relaunched as the ACT GOLD-IBT 12V Intelligent Battery Tester.

After 60,000 worldwide sales, the GOLD-IBT was discontinued and replaced by the ACT GOLD PLUS 6V/12V Intelligent Battery Tester. Improvements included dual voltage testing (6V/12V) and a unique Ampere Hour (Ah) Calibration Control allowing SLA, GEL and FLOODED to be tested from the one unit.

Launch of new battery testing equipment; the ACT CHROME Intelligent Battery Tester for 12V SLA batteries and the ACT 612 Intelligent Battery Tester for 6V / 12V SLA, GEL and car FLOODED battery technologies.